We are thrilled that you’ve decided to start your aerial training with us! 

We focus on providing the perfect amount of guidance, instruction, inspiration and motivational atmosphere for you to achieve your goals. Whether they are fitness, performance, gaining body awareness or hobbyist-oriented practices!

Regardless of your skill level; Shangri-La instructors will work tirelessly each class to tailor the curriculum that best fits YOU!

We are grateful to our patrons and sponsors alike.

All students must sign our waiver of liability before participating in any class activities. 

New Students & Beginners 

How to prepare for your class!

  • Come to class on time and participate positively.


  • No jewelry.

  • Wear the appropriate clothing: 

Leggings, leotards and shirts should all be semi-tight fitting. Cover the backs of your knees and under your arms especially. This will save you from bruises and circus burns. Waist warmers are also highly recommended.

  • All participants must use safety mats when training.

  • Follow teacher and staff directions at all times.

  • Ask for help from a Shangri-La instructor at ANY time.

  • Respect the space, people within the venue and all equipment.

  • Do not use any equipment unless instructed to do so. 

  • Warm up and stretch out: 

 You know your body best, so do what is required for YOU to be limber and ready for the possible skills of each class. Feel free to add or subtract from the given number of repetitions of an exercise as you need.


  • Be responsible with your own injury prevention: 

 Do not attempt moves that you feel are not within reasonable obtainment for you, if you feel unsafe, not strong enough or if you don’t understand the risk. We trust you to know your body and it’s unique abilities as well as it’s limits better than us. Please pay attention to how your body feels each time you approach your practice, everything we teach is customizable, therefore; there is no need for any injuries. Soreness is common. However we try not to stretch ligaments or lift weights beyond our current physical ability, If you wish to explore these limits further, please make sure to ask an instructor to be present to help spot or advise you further. You may be asked to provide a Doctors note in order to continue classes if an injury is present prior to - or suspected before, during or after participation.


  • Never train alone.


  • Do NOT train under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


  • Calling a “Code Red” is an ALL STOP emergency.


  • Have fun & fly safe!

Class Prerequisites

Beginner Aerial Silks

This class is a favorite among many beginner students!


Everyone loves to explore in their own time. The teachings in this class gain you the necessary skills needed to become an aerialist of the skies! Grow your basic knowledge and skills enough to progress to higher lessons and bigger, more complex aerial moves.


This class is led by a dedicated Shangri-La instructor using aerial teaching techniques such as spotting beginner basics, building strength & confidence, learning floor exercises to help you in the air, floor to air progressions and teaching beautiful aerial knot sequences.


Aerial knot is great for teaching basics and sequences that grow into larger and better practices. Many of our students love taking this class as well as our hammock classes as it gives them the opportunity to learn new movements and easily showcase their talents!


Sign up today for Beginner Aerial Silks class @ Shangri-La!



No experience - Confident in: Basic or dancers climbs, Proper foot lock entrance and exit, Safe inversion on aerial knot, Standing foot-lock leans - stable, Hip Key on the ground.


 Intermediate / Advanced Aerial Silks

Come learn from Shangri-La's professional instructors & Performers as we learn to collaborate together on the most advanced moves we know! Our tall ceilings allow large and dynamic drops, combos, sequences and poses! Join us and the kind and encouraging aerialists of Shangri-La in practicing and learning these new and classic moves!

Our instructors are committed to giving each student the attention necessary to grow and flourish with individual & unique style!


This class is the toughest that we offer at our studio and it's the most rewarding one too. 

Bring your A Game! 



Confident in climbs, Confident in foot-lock entrances and exits, Safe inversion from climb, Confident in Hip Key, Confident in same-side & opposite-side crochet/wraps, Confident in straddle-up & candlestick.


To be considered advanced level at Shangri-La Aerial Arts, a basic understanding of the following is required: Same requirements as listed above for intermediate + Proper shoulder hang, High level of understanding for wraps, exits and safe exploration.


Aerial Hoop & Hammock

Aerial hoop and hammock is a great way to practice all kinds of fundamentals while still exploring new moves and poses for any student! 


These classes are compact and focus mainly on the skills that will help you become comfortable with all kinds of apparatuses. We use both aerial hoop and hammock in this class to give you better value & instructional cross training! Use all of your learned skills to create and explore on your favorite apparatuses!



This class is open to all skill levels. However we caution that any hard-bar apparatus may be more likely to bruise or require other practice such as grip strength and proper engagement .