Our Mission


A highly elevated mythical utopia – isolated from the outside world.


Our mission is a simple one -

We provide elegant event entertainment, unique performances, professional aerial artistry and themed spectacles for events and parties! We specialize in providing aerial silks, hoop, lyra, hammock and lollipop performances as well as other event entertainment services! We keep top quality corporate connections with different venues, entertainment companies, owners and establishments all across the USA to host these events and parties!


We are proud to receive our instructor trainings, techniques and updates from several well known accreditation & safety based programs, certification based organizations, and other athletic professionals located all across the world & within our industry! This information constantly drives and inspires us to donate yearly performances to different health-focused organizations, fundraisers and registered charities within Colorado.


We do this in the hopes of cultivating a more supportive arts environment for ourselves, our future, our community and anyone who wishes to live in a better world like  Shangri-La!

Our Founder

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  Chloe Welton *

* Creative Director * Lead Instructor * Professional Performer

Feel free to contact me for quotes & booking inquiries!

( 719 ) 337 - 9312 

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Accreditations & Qualifications

Current Certifications 

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  • Acrobatic Arts Instructor Certification 2019!          - Acrobatic and partner styled dance that includes training and technique programs known throughout the world for providing professional curriculum used to assess, teach and perform beautiful skills safely for acrobatic dancers & Instructors alike!

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  • WFPF - Parkour Instructor Certification & Training.           (World Free Running Parkour Federation)        - Floor, Wall, Bars, Vault

  • First Aid / CPR / AED Certification & Live Training.    (The American Red Cross Association)   

Ladder Safety Training.jpg
  • American Ladder Institute Single and Extension Ladder Safety

  • Hall Rigging Academy Aerial Rigging & Safety Certification


Photo credit: Todd Ciccarelli, Jessalyn Lorrig, Stacie Scott, Collin Higgins.

Contact Us!

Chloe performs & teaches for venues, productions, theaters, gymnastics facilities, corporate events and parties all across the USA!

She offers onsite aerial workshops and gym camp coaching services!

Do you have a gym or studio that would like lessons?

Email Chloe for more info today!


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Performance Resume

  • The Broadmoor Luxury Hotel, Resort + Mountain Spa.                                           - 36th Annual American Heart Association's     Heart Ball & Fundraiser    2019

  • Event Entertainment via Randy Rodriguez       (Randy Sinatra Event Entertainment & Services)

  • Mid Michigan Gymnastics Summer Camp: Aerial Silks Coach & Performer.      2017-2019

  • Cats Gymnastics Summer Camp: Aerial Coach & Performer.   2017 -2018

  • The Thorn Professional Productions             (National Tour Team Lead for Aerial Arts) USA Tour 

  • Independent aerial shows, outdoor performances & event management experience.

  • Schriever Air Force Base: Diversity Day Event 2018

  • The Mining Exchange Historic Grand Hotel & Spa.                              Gold & Silver Room Aerial Performer                     -  Independent's Best of Springs Award Party 2018     -  Tattoo Prom 2018


  • Aerial DreamWorks: Mansion Nightclub Performing Aerial Team.

  • Rio Olympics Parade + Celebration in Downtown Colorado Springs. 2016

  •  Millibo Arts Theatre           - 2017 Cabaret Voltaire 2.0 

  • Annual Artini Event + Arts Month Kickoff  in Colorado Springs 2016 , 2017, & 2019

  • The Broadmoor Luxury Hotel, Resort + Mountain Spa.                                           - Tessa's 70th Ruby Gala Event

  • What If Festival  in Downtown Colorado Springs for the  Imagination Celebration Foundation. 2017 - 2018

  • Firefighters Calendar & Children's Hospital Fundraiser in Denver @ Cultivated Synergy. 2017

  • Randy's New Years Eve Dance Party Celebration - Colorado Marriott Hotel. 2018

  • Pueblo - HyMark Motorsports Event Rally 2016.

  • ect.