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Class Booking Information & Policies

How to sign up for classes

1. (Optional) To gain loyalty points towards future discounts:Click on the Log In  bar at the top of the screen to create your student account. This allows you to track all of your purchases & classes as well as your loyalty points. DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS. This can effect your point balance and transaction history.


2. Click the "Class Schedule" page: Fill out the PARQ Physical Activity & Readiness Questionnaire in order to provide us with your fitness information, student liability waiver, goals and any other heath information you wish to give. Always add your emergency contact's information!


3. Classes can be purchased individually as a one time Drop-in Class or by purchasing a Class Membership Plan for booking multiple classes each month. Unused classes do not rollover, however you can request that a membership be placed on hold or suspended in the event of an illness or planned abstinence.Private Lessons are non-refundable. If you require a time change to your scheduled Private Lesson please contact us 24 hours prior to the lesson's start time in order to reschedule.


4. Accept terms & conditions along with our studio policies and rules.


5. Payment & checkout.


6. Verify your receipt and add your booked classes to your calendar!

Class Rules 

* Arrive on time.

* Bring your own water bottle - do not share drinks.

* Wear fitted clothing with no zippers or jewelry.

* All students must participate in warm up and cool down exercises.

* Adhere to all of the instructions given by your coach or instructors at all times.

* Protect yourself from injury by checking your height, skill level and ability during all class activities.

* Encourage yourself and others to participate in a positive manner.

* Students with prior injury or health conditions should obtain a doctor’s release for our specific activities before attending class.

Class Booking Policies

Monthly Membership Plans:

Our monthly membership plans allow students to easily book their classes ahead of time and for the entire month's duration. Unused classes do not roll over and are not transferable to others. Please book your classes early to reserve your spot and schedule accordingly. Your weekly classes are Wednesdays & Fridays. Giving you two chances to book. Membership payments are reoccurring and are scheduled to be paid on the same day and time each month that your original membership was purchased.

These payment dates can be changed or suspended due to a planned absence or prior-known time away from class and can be canceled at any time.

Single Drop-in Class Booking:

This option is for one class booking at a time. It serves as an alternative to our Monthly Membership Plans if they do not work for your schedule.

Private Lessons:

High quality custom made lessons that give specific skills to vastly improve and increase the student's chosen goals and aesthetic.


All classes are subject to possible closures 2 hours prior to class start time due to unfilled class attendance, unforeseen circumstances, extreme weather or other safety conditions that arise. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Do I need to be strong or flexible prior to starting classes?

No, you don't need any prior experience to participate in the Intro / Beginner level classes. After-all, that's why we’re all here! To help you make healthy goals and to instruct you on how to best reach them.

Come as you are and work with what you have currently. 

Those with prior experience in dance, gymnastics or other athletics are welcome to speak to our instructor about using their current abilities in the air.

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What ages can practice aerial arts? 

We teach ages 7+ at SAA and have even had new students begin classes as young as 64.

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Can I attend a class for free?

We do not currently offer free trial classes. However if you find that you did not fully enjoy your class we are happy to provide you a refund. We also offer our Loyal Clients Programs via our featured app. When you sign up for class as a member of Shangri-La you earn points towards future class discounts. Loyalty points have no cash value and are not transferable. 

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Is there a group warm-up? 

Yes, group warm-ups and cool-downs are a mandatory part of class. Please arrive on time in order to participate with the group. If you arrive past the scheduled start time please see the instructor for more information.

No participant is permitted to skip warm-up or cool-down. 

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Is there a weight limit for equipment?

We offer several ground based trainings that can accommodate other needs.

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Can I become a performer for Shangri-La Aerial Arts?

Yes! We love to help create professional performers and competitors! We provide supportive learning opportunities for any student to become acclimated to live performances, shows and event entertainment gigs. Conditions may apply to specific opportunities. Please contact us for more details about performing for our company, community events and entertainment gigs. Please note that we do not provide burlesque style or scantily clad style entertainment.

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If I miss class can I do a make-up class?

Yes, each student is allotted one make-up class per month as long as the scheduled class was canceled 24 hours prior to the start time. Please contact us to move your missed class to the next available booking option. No call / no shows are non refundable and will not be applicable to this make-up policy.

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Can I participate if I've had prior injury or health concerns?

Prior injuries or health conditions can hamper your progress if not properly cared for. We do not haphazardly train our skills. At Shangri-La we strive to provide injury prevention practices alongside our trainings and recommend that each student with any physical ability concern obtain a doctor's note prior to participating in classes. We are very thorough when it comes to participation, safety & protocol. All activities should be done as tolerated for the individual and their unique needs or under a doctor’s pre-approval.

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