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Current Aerial Dance Class

Wednesday's @  7 PM

For all skill levels. Age 9+ - adults.

No experience is required.


Mixed apparatus class may include aerial silk, hoop, tippy lyra, fabric sling, invented apparatus and more!​ 


How to sign up for class

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2. Please feel free to fill out our PARQ (Physical Activity & Readiness Questionnaire)  (above) in order to provide us with your fitness goals and any prudent heath information that you wish to give. 

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1)   Am I too old to try aerial dance class?

No, you are NOT too old to try aerial dance. We have had new students begin as young as 60 years old.


2)   Do I need to be strong or flexible prior to starting?

 No, you do not need any prior experience to participate. After-all, that's why we’re here! To help you make goals and instruct you on how to best reach them.

3)   Can I still participate if I have had prior injury or health concerns?

These afflictions can hamper your progress if not properly cared for. We strive to provide injury prevention alongside our training and recommend that each student with physical ability concerns obtain a doctors note prior to participating. We are very thorough when it comes to your safety. 

4)  What are the Youth Aerial class requirements: Age 9 - 17

Parents or guardians may sign up & participate in class with their child or are welcome to watch all of our classes from the cafe viewing area upstairs. A parent or guardian must remain present during class times due to our adult / athlete ratio policy.


Youth classes are open to all skill levels! Beginning - Advanced.

Shangri-La does not limit our youth students from accessing more advanced sequencing or drops. However, young students are required to be self sufficient and safety minded whenever practicing or performing aerial dance, conditioning or stretching. If the student is capable of the move they are of course welcome to refine it under instructor supervision. Youth Competition Coaching is also available via booking a private lesson.

5)  Can I attend a class for free?

We are not currently able to offer any free trial classes as of yet. However if you find that you did not fully enjoy your class we are happy to provide you a refund. 


6) Can I observe a class?

You are welcome to observe from the ACME Bar & Grill cafe upstairs prior to signing up for classes. 

7) Can I be a performer for Shangri-La?

Yes! We love to create performers and provide learning opportunities for them to become acclimated to live shows and gigs. Restrictions apply. See Chloe for more details about performing for our community and events!