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Unlike other studios, Shangri-La does not charge separate fees for:

Calendar & Class Descriptions 


Current Aerial Dance Class

Schedule to be announced .

For all skill levels. Age 9+ - adults.

No experience is required.


Mixed apparatus may include aerial silk, hoop, tippy lyra, fabric sling, invented apparatus and more!​ 


Calendar & Class Descriptions 

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Intermediate / Advanced Class

Schedule to be announced .

For adults only. 18+

Experience is required. Not for beginners.


Mixed apparatus may include aerial silk, hoop, tippy lyra, fabric sling, invented apparatus and more!​


 Practice your routines, skills, explore new sequencing and transitions with others and work on building your own unique style! 


How to sign up for classes

* All Classes are booked individually for student convenience * 

1. (Optional) Click on the Log In  bar at the top of the screen to create your student account. This allows you to track all of your purchases & classes as well as your loyalty points. 

2. Please fill out our PARQ Physical Activity & Readiness Questionnaire (above) in order to provide us with your fitness information , goals and any prudent heath information that you wish to give. 

3. Choose your classes on the "Class Schedule" page.

4. Accept the terms, conditions, liability waiver, studio policies and add your emergency contact's information.

5. Payment & checkout.

6. Verify your receipt and add your classes to your calendars!

~ Finally ~
Attend class & have a great time flying with us!
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1)   Is there a group warm-up? 

Yes, group warm-ups and cool-downs are a mandatory part of each session. Please arrive on time in order to participate with the group. If you do arrive past the scheduled start time of your session please see the student warmup board or ask the instructor for more information.

No participant should skip warm-ups or cool-downs.  


2)  Am I too old to try aerial dance class?

We have had new students begin aerial dance classes as young as 60 years.


3)   Do I need to be strong or flexible prior to starting classes?

 No, you do not need any prior experience to participate in our All Skill Level Classes. After-all, that's why we’re here! To help you make healthy goals and to instruct you on how to best reach them! Come as you are and work with the effort that you can muster.

4)   Can I still participate if I've had a prior injury or health concern?

Afflictions can hamper your progress if not properly cared for. We do not haphazardly train our skills. At Shangri-La we strive to provide injury prevention practices alongside our trainings and recommend that each student with any physical ability concerns obtain a doctor's note prior to participating. We are very thorough when it comes to participation safety protocol. All activities should be done as tolerated for the individual and their unique needs.

5)  Can I attend a class for free?

We are not currently able to offer any free trial classes yet. However if you find that you did not fully enjoy your class we are happy to provide you a refund. We are also offering our very special Loyal Clients Programs through our featured app. When you sign up for class as a member of Shangri-La you earn points to use towards future class discounts. Loyalty points have no cash value and are not transferable. 

6) Can I become a performer for Shangri-La Aerial Arts?

Yes! We love to help create professional performers! Along with our Performers & Professionals Class; we provide supportive learning opportunities for any student to become acclimated to live shows and gigs. Conditions may apply. Please see Chloe for more details about performing for our community and event entertainment gigs! Please note that we do not provide burlesque style entertainment.