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Gymnastics Camps

Shangri-La is currently accepting Nationwide bookings for 2022 - 2024 gym camps, workshops, and guest instructor trainings!

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Mid Michigan Gymnastics Camp!
2022 Coming Soon! 
 *  Keeping student safety as a top priority is always our goal!

We are committed to holding the highest standards of practice.

* We are all returning strong and staying healthy!

For any questions please contact MMG's front desk staff

This Year! 

July 25-31, 2022

Aerial Silks with Coach Chloe!


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Workshops & Special Training Events!

Canceled due to COVID-19


Chloe Welton's Aerial Knot Workshop 

Canceled due to Covid-19

October 9-11/2020

Featuring Instructor Chloe Welton!

 ~ She will be teaching her in depth - Aerial Silks Knot Workshop for the Boulder Circus Center and this year's Colorado Aerial Arts Summit 2020! This workshop is fun, full of helpful information, corrective conditioning skills, new pathways and understandings for all skill levels!

Workshops are now open for registration and all are welcome to attend!

Book your spot now to attend this amazing workshop!

*** Workshop details ***

* For all skill levels

* Hosted by the Boulder Circus Center

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