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We've helped create, install and maintain aerial programs, gym camps and class curriculum for several different locations within the USA.
We now offer competition judging services!

Shangri-La is currently accepting Nationwide bookings for 2023 - 2024 gym camps, workshops, and guest instructor trainings and competition judging services!

Tell us all about your event via email.
We'd love to teach your athletes something fun and unique!

Coming Up!


Mid Michigan Gymnastics Camp!
July 2023
 *  Keeping student safety as a top priority is always our goal!
We are committed to holding the highest standards of practice possible

* We are all returning strong and staying healthy!

For any questions please contact MMG's front desk staff / Kelly.

Private Lessons are available upon request.

Aerial dance with coach Chloe Welton!



The Black Hills Aerial Cup!

February 24th - 26th, 2023

 * Competition Judging 
* Where: Rapid City, South Dakota

* Hosted by Live It Up Studios


Workshops and Private Lessons to be announced.

Offered by Chloe Welton!


Previous Workshops,
Gym Camps & Special Trainings!

Mid Michigan Gymnastics 

Gym camps hosted since 2018 - Current 

We’ve been working with Mid Michigan Gymnastics for years now and they love what we have provided to their athletes!

It's been an absolute blast instructing both high level competition professionals, coaches and newly aspiring gymnasts in the art of aerial dance! Our custom made curriculum allows athletes of different skill levels to find their creative outlets and passion for aerial movement using the skills they already have. We adjust as needed and correct form wherever possible. Giving each student the attention they deserve!


These athletes and coaches have found great value in learning from our lead instructor Chloe Welton who is always growing her knowledge and abilities to teach others well during each new year of activities.

This program now offers one of the best foundations possible for others to continue their education and gain even more opportunities for pursuing creative and active work after their gymnastics career has concluded. 

Contact us about your location needs, ideas and workshop possibilities today!


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